The Mission

Anthony Miranda

The Mission

My work focuses on one simple question: How can we live a better life?

The way I try to answer that question is by simplifying. I took the complex and made it simple to understand and to do. What is the fundamental force that shapes our success and failure? What common misconceptions do we have about the way the world works? What are the  principles that determine the growth and improvement of all living systems?


Mindset is at the core of everything. So are our habits. This is why a self-made millionaire can lose it all, and some have, then get it all back. While others win millions on the lotto then end up broke again in a few years. Every decision we make and action we take, which is what truly shapes our life, is made from our mindset – our mental frameworks. It is from these mental frameworks and philosophy that we think and take action, or lack of action due to doubts and fears, so these is one of the most significant determinants of long-term success.

About me

I’m a surfer, businessman, experimenter, author, and most importantly, a student of life. Someone who believes in empowering other as we empower ourselves.

I’m big into personal development and mindset because of past painful failures due to a crappy mindset.  It’s been a long journey. While pretty much everyone may feel like they they wish they knew what they know now 10 years ago, I know I could have easily cut 10 years of the journey.

Most people, even people who have met me and shared experiences with me, don’t know my whole story and journey. It really has been a LONG one. I used to be EXTREMELY introverted and shy. So much that I would pretend the person in front of me was not talking to me and ignore them completely when I was a child. Did I say it’s really been a long journey…but I know if I were a little more guided in my journey I could have easily cut 10 years of it to be able to do the things I’ve done now and get to the version of me today. No point in “regretting” and dreaming about it now

But I know there’s people out there that are as DEEPLY introverted as I was. As extremely shy and CLOSED off as I was, and not where they CAN be.

Not the fuller, more improved version of themselves that can experience SO MUCH more.

To you, it’s not too late. Instead of going through all the pitfalls I did, all the mistakes along the journey, all the “right” and “wrongs”, Instead of reminiscing “if only I knew this”, I can help you guys CUT those 10 YEARS.

For this, I will make sure to create the content I wish I had seen. The books, I wished I had read, the experiences I wish I had done, the experiments, the trial and errors, the mistakes, the victories, ALL OF IT.

And make it into something you can use to become the version of you that can experience a MUCH fuller version of what life is and CAN be.

If you’re interested, I will be bringing more content and the place for you to receive it very soon. In the meantime, I will be posting here so you can get completely FREE and valuable content here and stay in contact.

It’s been a long journey of empowering myself to be able to become the man I am today and Personal development and mindset have been the key to helping me to the point that I can now go out by myself, travel (did a whole road trip through the east coast by myself), and talk to strangers like no problem. Strangers from all over the world who are now friends and I stay in contact with. Strangers with whom I can stay with when I go to Germany, Russia, France, London, Scotland, Spain, China, Netherlands, Denmark, Chile, and many more.

Still, a bad mindset and set of mental frameworks were at the forefront of the fall of my 6 figure business, self-sabotaging of relationships, and the improper settling of good foundations, boundaries, and values for potential relationships.

It really has been a ride but with it came along a lot of experiences, lessons, and new found motivation. All this can be translated into helping others open their wings to take flight in their own journey to growth while avoiding all my pitfalls.

So stay tune and come with me to a more powerful, bad ass, fuller version of you.