How To Simplify Your Life Like Einstein

I have deep respect for the man that protect our freedom and highly impressed (to the point of admiration) by their mental and physical training – especially at the top, the special units. One thing I have learned from Navy Seals is that you must always seek to simplify things. It doesn’t matter how big the game plan booklet is, always think: “How can I make this simpler? Simpler to explain, simpler and easier to execute, simpler to manage.”

With this in mind, we tackle a very big, monstrous concept called… Who hasn’t said at one point or another that life is “complicated.” This is where everyone raises their hands. Don’t lie to yourself.

Ok, done complaining. So how do we go about simplifying it. Well, for that I looked up to what other, smarter, people have said and done to simplify theirs.

Albert Einstein has a famous quote that embodies this concept

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for the future”

How do I put this into simplifying your life? Simply. Learn, Live, And Build for the future. I call this, The Einstein Method. Just focus on living today while building from the future and whatever happens, just learn from it (so you can replicate it if it’s good or avoid it if it’s bad) and move on.

Too many people making money from saying you’re “not” enough. Figure out what you want, your strength, then make a plan and start. Whatever happens along the way is just a learning opportunity. Once there is money in saying “you’re enough”, you will be “enough.” So focus on your life – your game plan.

Everything else is dust for the ground and gossip for the bored, the jealous, and the bitter.
But for those who want more out of life, try The Einstein Method next time things seem to be getting complicated to help you put things into perspective. Don’t forget to fix whatever is stressing you out. If it’s enough to make you complain, it’s enough to put some of your time and pen into paper to see how to change it and CHANGE IT.