You’ve Been LIED To. You’re NOT The Average of Anything; You’re The SUM of This

Yes, you’ve been lied to! You, me, and everyone on the planet keeps being lied and sold into this idea.

That you’re the “average” of the 5 people you hang out with the most. Yet, if you were to actually dig deep into the successful, you will see that this is more a correlation (an after effect) than a causation (the real root cause of the success).

In reality, you’re NOT the average of anyone. You ARE the SUM of something though. And this is where most fail and the successful succeed.

This is why there’s people around millionaires for a long time that are NOT millionaires and others not around millionaires who BECOME millionaires.

This is the line of separation between the two.

The funny thing is that we all can do it. Yet, we rather be sold into anything else but the cold hard fact.

If you want to break the line of separation and start doing what ACTUALLY makes you successful, check this video out: