The 3 Stages To Get What You Want

The 3 Stages To Get What You Want

Everywhere I go, I see people talking about the first Stage. I have yet to see one person write about the second or third stage so I decided that if no one is going to then I should. This is information that should be out. I grew tired and frustrated of the half truth being shared so I put it upon myself to make a video and talk about the other two tages that are just as important as Stage One.

What is Stage One?

Well, you probably have heard about a million times. It is the old one that goes like this, “you have to become what you want in order to attract what you want.”

They make a good point. They just completely ignore the other two stages that without them, you can still end up in the same place you started. I know, because I’ve been there. I become everything I wanted, the essential core, of the type of person I would like to date. I didn’t, however, put much work in stage Two or stage Three. Did I get what I wanted?

Well, I wouldn’t be making this video if Stage One alone had done the trick. Now, some people do get it with only stage One. I say they got lucky. Some people win the lotto, most people don’t. I don’t believe in leaving up to luck. I believe in becoming the casino and putting the odds in my favor so that I can win in the longterm, like any good casino.

So watch this video so you learn about Stage Two and Stage Three so you too can become the casino; because in the long run, the house always win 😉


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