The 3 Stages To Get What You Want

Stop Giving Away Your Power. Get Control Back! Why I Started Empowered Mind Online

Like many of you, I came into this journey seeking something. Something that I felt was better than what I currently had. I just knew there was more to life and in little time I stumbled into the whole world of personal development and the idea that I could improve myself, thereby impoving my life.

I strapped myself down and went down the rabbit hole. It’s been a crazy ride. Really crazy! I’ve gone from a good job and thousands in the bank to nothing to making 10k a month to nothing to rebuilting all up, this time the right way – from the fundamentals up. In my journey, I discovered the power of mindset and how you can get lucky and “make it” without it, you just won’t keep it without it. Mindset is the fundamentals of the fundamentals. As I research, study, paid for programs and couching, I took note of some stuff going around that were in nice terms, half truths, extreme oversimplification to the point it hurts as much as it helps, and in ugly terms…some of it was complete rainbow colored unicorn shit.

A lot of these beliefs and mindset frames are disempowering to say the least. They take the power from us and give it to some mystical energy that will one day make it all right. We don’t have to worry and do much, just live life and love yourself. Everything will be alright no matter what.

I kept getting frustrated the more I saw it and decided to take a stand. I decided to bring back the full essence of the messeges, clear the disempowering bs, and help empower others as much as I’m empowering myself.

I decided that the world doesn’t need “positive” rainbow colored unicorn shit just as much as they don’t need “negative” regular shit.

I decided the world needs to empower itself and take control back and that’s what we’ll do here in Empowered Mind Online and Empowered Mind Media.

Watch this video, take control back! Empower Yourself so you can actively take control and get the life you want:

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